About Us

In the fifties, I developed an interest in cars. As the years passed, I would find a way to charm my mother each week into buying me a Matchbox. Later it was Hot Wheels and then at the age of fifteen, I obtained my first real car.

In 1969 I was working at a gas station pumping gas and my boss was having a hard time paying me my 1.00 an hour wage which came out to eighteen dollars a week. After three weeks and me owing my father three dollars, I was driven to the gas station by my Dad to get my fifty four dollars owed me. My boss didn’t have that money so he offered me a 1957 Chevy he had out back. Dad wasn’t happy, but I sure was. That started me on my love for soon to be antique automobiles.

I started entering my different cars into local car shows and then traveling around the country attending some of the big shows and auctions. This developed an interest in the way the promoters put on their events and told myself that someday I would put on a show of my own. Thus, my involvement with the Elm Bank Auto Show. With the growth of the show exceeding the venue, we moved the show to a great location in Medfield, Ma.

Finding a location that is unique and can handle a show field consisting of hundreds of vehicles is a difficult process. You must find a large venue that has lawns, shade and easy access. You must also have a space allocated for the public to park and navigate the traffic with as little disruption as possible. Sixteen years ago Faith Tiberio suggested Elm Bank Estate and with the Manager there being an Antique Car Collector, it became a great marriage. The show field grew and the spectators doubled and tripled in size. It was time for a change. The Medfield officials offered us a venue that will allow to grow for the future of the show.

It’s my Field of Dreams.If you build it, they will come”.

I am extremely proud of the event and all the volunteers that help make it a huge success. Some of the premier automobiles from New England and beyond have graced the show fields and given the spectators some awesome memories. For those of us who have a passion for the hobby, it gives us a chance to relive days of old. To meet new friends and swap old tales. Remember the Matchbox I spoke of earlier? I still have some of them. I’ve never let go of my dream and on Show Day when the gates open, it’s time to share it with you all.

What most people think is a one day event, is actually a pain staking year long job. My staff and I compare notes and feedback and see where we can improve for the next year. This starts as the last tail lights drive off the show field.